Custom Rotational Moulding

Our product slate at D&M Plastics Inc. serves many markets. We have small to medium volume tanks including CSA certified RV tanks for manufacturers and aftermarket sales. Assorted trays and open top containers (some with lids) for use in bulk food and material handling. Many of these items are covered in our product list on file with the Canadian Foods Inspection Agency (CFIA). In addition, we serve custom molding clients, providing them with service from the drawing board to finished parts.

All the molded products that we manufacture at D&M Plastics are produced by rotational molding. Our primary feedstock material is polyethylene (PE) - its wide range of applications and ease of processing make this material the most common for rotational molding operations. Other materials are available for our process for more demanding applications primarily involving heat or chemical resistance.

Clicking a category will enable you to view part numbers, product specifications, and datasheets. We also offer custom rotational moulding services if you need a specific item developed.